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Welcome to Beauty Hills...

 ...and our cosmos of cosmetic service!

Under the slogan "Hello Beauty" we are offering strong partnerships for ambitious and well-established beauty salons as well as distributional partners worldwide that aim to provide visible and sustained facial and body skin care products to their customers.

How can we achieve a successful partnership? Our strategy is based on 3 beauty elements. Firstly, we offer a strong and intelligent product concept that thoroughly satisfies your customer needs. Secondly, we developed a balanced treatment system, which is complemented by the products, taking the changing demands of your customers into account.
Customers will fully benefit from the effectiveness of the products, if they trust in the excellence of our cosmetic partner. Therefore, we put a strong emphasis on the cooperation – the third key element – with our partners on each level. We support you in your daily business topics, combined with our products and treatments, leading to the best results for your clients, for you and for us.

We want to welcome you to our world of beauty. Get detailed information about our company, our products and services on our webpage and discover why it will be worth for you to start a strong partnership with us!

If you have further questions, we invite you to contact us personally.

What is your benefit in our cooperation?

... Exceptional products, which convince with their fragrance, texture and sensual complexity, for a pleasant customer experience

... An intelligent skin care concept that achieves a systematic improved skin condition starting from the first day

... Extensive classical treatments that enable to treat your customer individually based on the skin condition and personal beauty goals.

... Selected treatments with high technology devices for those customers that want the absolute ‘wow factor’

... Qualified sales and support service that increase you skills in aspects of products, treatments and many more

... Comprehensive back office support, supplying advice, help and ideas for self-employed cosmetologist experts



Exceptional Products

What makes them exceptional? We develop and offer cosmetic products with active ingredients to stimulate the right impulse in the skin. The products have a fine molecular structure to activate in the depth of the skin. The Beauty Hills skin care system is organized in 5 steps, benefiting in each other’s complement support of individual products for best skin results.


Special treatment concepts

Good and meaningful trends are not always easy to spot. In order to develop outstanding but still viable treatments, you have to raise some questions. Which treatments fit to our products and vice versa? What are the requirements of your customers towards the treatment and your service today- and tomorrow? Which classical and instrumental treatments will generate sustainable results and enthusiastic customers? These are the guidelines by which we develop and chose best practice treatments.


Partnership Service

What is our understanding of "partnership" and how do you benefit from it? Our idea is that the ideal partnership is held at eye level among both partners and goes beyond a mere supplier-customer relationship. We want to know all about your ideas, challenges and demands of your everyday work life. Together we will find the best solutions and support you in your beauty projects.







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